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At Henderson Textiles we stock a range of 300 grams per metre coated polyesters i.e. standard PU coated also Pigmented coated to meet European Standards.  Flame Retardant qualities are also included in this range plus Breathable and Anti Static.  All polyester that we supply meets the required European standards.

Quality No   Width   Description  Typical Applications
P200  150cm 300 Denier Polyester
P U Non Breathable
Work wear Apparel
EN471 EN343
P200BPU 150cm  300 Denier Polyester High Performance
Breathable Coated
P200FRBPU 150cm 300 Denier Polyester
Breathable PU Flame Retardant 
High Performance Workwear,
EN532, EN533, EN531, EN1149, EN343
PGA200 150cm 300 Denier Polyester
Breathable PU Flame
Retardant, Anti Static
Grid Pattern
High Performance Workwear
EN532, EN533, EN531,
EN1149, EN343
P9125 150cm 125g Micro Polyester
Non Coated
Leisurewear, Sportswear
P914  147cm Micro Polyester
Breathable PU
Leisurewear, Sportswear
High Performance
TRIcot  155cm Knitted Polyester
Plain Dyed 130g
Hi Vis Vests, Waist Coats
EN471- 14 shades